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This form allows you to order an online repeat prescription.

Apologies but due to Covid restrictions prescription pickup from Kendal Medical Centre is not currently available. Repeat prescription orders are also possible (and easier) from your patient portal. In many circumstances it is in your best interests for the doctor to be able to re-assess your condition in case medication changes are necessary. If an appointment with the doctor or nurseĀ is necessary you will be contacted by telephone. Payment is required within 7 days and can be made by internet banking to 02-0820-0545719-02 or in your portal. An invoice will NOT be sent but we will text you when the prescription is on its way to the pharmacy. If you require an urgent prescription today please call the surgery on 03 3588266.
Please provide exact full name
Please state the name, the dose and how often you take it. eg. Paracetamol 500mg. 2 tablets four times a day. HINT : You can copy this information from the pharmacy label on your medication. Please put each drug on a new line.
If you have Southern Cross health insurance which covers GP prescriptions we can charge the cost of your prescription directly to them at your request.
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