Services and Fees

Fees can vary depending on your age, your entitlements to subsidies and the services we provide.
We are happy to provide further information on request.

Consultations                                    Enrolled Patients                   Casual Patients (NZ residents)

Age Under 14yrs                                 Free                                               $50
Aged 14 to 17yrs                                $45  ($13 with CSC*)                  $70  ($65 with CSC or HUHC*)
Aged 18yr and over                            $55  ($19.50 with CSC*)            $90  ($70 with CSC or HUHC*)

Maternity Care                                    Free
Sexual Health under 18 yrs               Free

*Community Services Card and High User Health Cards

Fees are for standard consultations only and extra charges may apply for other services eg. Liquid nitrogen, driving medicals etc.

Non NZ residents are charged $150 regardless of age

Accident Consultations                   with Doctor                                          with Nurse

Age Under 14yrs                                 Free                                                         Free
Aged 14 to 17yrs                                $40  ($13 with CSC*)                           $25  ($13 with CSC*)
Aged 18yr and over                            $50  ($19.50 with CSC*)                      $25  ($19.50 with CSC*)

Please note that dressing charges are an additional $10 - $25

Repeat Prescriptions

Next day Prescription                       $20
Next day Prescription faxed            $26
Same day Prescription                     $30
Same day Prescription faxed          $36

Other Services

Minor Surgery                   $300-400    (Please ask for a quote)
Nurse Consultation          $25   ($19.50 aged 18yr+ and $13 aged 14-17yr with CSC*)
Liquid Nitrogen                 $25
ECG                                     $45
Mirena insertion               $175
Jadelle insertion               $175
Pipelle Biopsy                   $175
Blood Tests                       $15
Blood Pressure                 $10
Travel Vaccinations         Varies           (Please ask for a quote)


Medical Certificate          $20                ($25 if faxed)
Referral letter                   $35
Medical Report                $30-$50
eg Travel insurance, Passport Photo, Disability forms if no consultation, Jury Service, Private operation insurance information, Mobility forms, Taxi forms, P.D letter, Housing Corp letter

Terms and Conditions

Other than in special circumstances, we ask that fees be paid at the time of consultation.
Outstanding accounts will attract a non refundable administration fee.

We are a Southern Cross affiliated provider and for those patients with Southern Cross Health Insurance we are able to make direct claims on your behalf, for any services for which you have cover.

66 Kendal Avenue
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New Zealand


Telephone 03 3588266
Facsimile 03 3588214
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm
(6.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays)